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Word Overflow

Word Overflow brings a highly addictive and exciting new word game straight to your finger tips. As letters fall like rain, your goal is to tap those letters to spell words as fast as you can. Once a word has been submitted, the letters disappear to make room for more. But be careful, as the letters fall, don't let them fill up too high and overflow!

Bottle Tunes

** NEW in the Apple App Store**

Train to become the next Beethoven of bottles by working through a myriad of songs, filling bottles to match the pitches in familiar tunes. Use your new found talent to then compose your own bottleicious melodies saving them to share with all your friends.

Welcome to Paw Apps!

Paw Apps designs and develops all sorts of apps. Owned and operated by two brothers, Paw Apps hopes to brighten your day by providing innovative and entertaining apps.

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HTML Playground 1.0.0

HTML Playground has hit the App Store and is having a GREAT first day! App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id597188665?mt=8 PawApps.com: HTML Playground HTML Playground is full of the features you need to develop webpages on the fly. Whether just learning or a seasoned coder, HTML Playground offers a wide range of supported technologies and quick/easy input and navigation.

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iOS App Age Rating 17+

Age Rating for Unfiltered Internet Access

Recently received a metadata rejection on HTML Playground with the following reasoning: 3.8 We found that the rating you’ve selected is not consistent with the content of your app, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines. Since your application allows unfiltered access to the internet, where content with mature or suggestive themes can be accessed,

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Paw Apps Reviews

Paw Apps is expanding its horizon and moving beyond the iOS App development and into the world of iOS App reviewing! There are a few reasons we are doing this, mainly being a lack of response from other review sites when submitting our own apps for review.  It seems that unless you are willing to

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